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            Daxing knitting - analyzing the characteristics of ice feeling fabric

            Ice fabric belongs to functional fabric, and its fabric material is generally blended fabric. Because the fabric gives people a cold feeling, the fabric will choose the fabric with slow heat absorption and fast heat dissipation, mostly polyester, nylon and other fibers. Therefore, the ice fabric is chemical fiber fabric.


            What is the principle of cool feeling produced by ice feeling fabric? The cool feeling of ice feeling fabric is because the fabric has the effect of rapid heat dissipation and accelerating perspiration. The fabric fiber has a unique fiber structure, which is like a high-density mesh structure like capillaries, so it can quickly absorb water molecules into the fiber core, and combine with the function of outer fiber to quickly eliminate sweat vapor!


            What are the characteristics of ice fabric?


            1. Ice fabric has a unique fiber structure, which has the effect of slow heat absorption and rapid heat removal.


            2. The ice feeling fabric fiber has no irritating effect. It is lighter and thinner than ordinary fabrics, breathable and comfortable to wear!

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